EL panel advertisement


This series of products provide customers with customized and design methods, and customers need to provide electronic patterns.

This product uses the principle of inorganic powder AC electroluminescence (EL) technology, and realizes color dynamic patterns and text display through circuits.

Application areas: advertising, automotive, clothing, instrumentation, decoration, etc.

The existing product forms are: ultra-thin flexible plastic EL, flat glass EL, enamel EL, and long-life outdoor plastic EL.

Thickness: 0.2-0.5 mm, PET plastic film
Flexible: 360 degree bending,

Weight: 250 grams per square meter

Dynamic: Neon flashing

1) Type: Light-emitting film, cutting light-emitting film, light-emitting strip, and equipped with driver and power cord.

2) Original color: cool white, turquoise, other colors: change through later surface

3) Specifications and technical parameters

Name Model Size
 EL panel backlight A8~A0 paper square meters A8~A0
 EL belt T1~T10 Max size 0.5m*100m
 EL panel flash ad. N0~N10 Max matching Size 30m*20m