Electroluminescent phosphor


Electroluminescent Phosphor ( EL ) is a inorganic material that converts electric energy to lights directly, being widely applied to EL glass panel, enamel panel, plastic panel , EL wire , DC and AC EL lighting instruments . its main glowing color include Blue, Green, Orange, and their transition color.
As now main EL panel making tech apply screen printing and spray, EL phosphor we manufacture are divided into 3 types as below:
TYPE B: Average particle size 29μm, high brightness, heat resistance, suitable for application to plastic and enamel panel.
TYPE S: Average particle size 9μm, normal brightness, homogeneous emitting effect, suitable for application to glass and plastic panel.
TYPE CT: Average particle size 28μm, With characteristic of particle surface being coated, it has good humidity resistance, prolonged application lifetime , high brightness, no need of sealed package, suitable for application to plastic panel.

D310BBlue-whiteZnS:Cu, YAG
D320SYellow-whiteZnS: Cu , Mn
D330B, SOrange-white(white)ZnS: Cu, Dye
D417B, SDark BlueZnS: Cu, Al
D447B, SLight BlueZnS: Cu,Dy
D502B, S,CTBlue-greenZnS: Cu
D512B, S, CGreenZnS: Cu
D522SYellow-green(Zn, Cd)S: Cu,Eu
D601SYellow(Zn, Cd)S: Cu,Eu
D611B, SOrange-white(white)ZnS: Cu, Mn
D651SOrange-RedZnS: Cu, Mn
D661SRed(Zn, Cd)(S, Se): Cu
D585DCOrangeZnS: Mn,Cu