moisture-proof film

Usage: OLED panel, solar thin-film batteries, electronic devices, pharmaceutical packaging, etc., to protect the seal to prevent moisture penetration.Protect to prevent moisture in the air to permeate.
Significance:Increase the lifetime of devices in humid environment by
1-5 times.
Principle:It was prepared with special separating molecular penetrating
layer on the surface of PET film.
Using:By film heat pressing machine,glue and seal them.Or by sealing machine for hot pressing film,hot melt film and seal them.
Specification:The width is 1.2m,length is 200m/roll and light transmittance is above 95%.Material is special PET.
Film:The thickness is about 0.125mm.The width of edge banding is suggested to be bigger than 2mm.
Storage:Preserve for more than 10 years at room temperature 23 degree.Preserve for more than 5 years in ordinary environment (The adhesion power of gluing may decrease).Before using,electronic drying cabinet should be dry and keep for 48 hours.