Solar-blind Ultraviolet Detector


Solar blind ultraviolet detector:It is an indispensable component in UV detection system. Since there is no solar-blind ultraviolet band in the atmosphere, and there are abundant solar-blind ultraviolet bands in engine flame, high-voltage power generation, ultraviolet sterilization and etc., it is of great significance to monitor equipment performance and troubleshooting by ultraviolet detector.
Application fields:Electric power, fire, high temperature, high explosion, security inspection, aerospace, mobile phone camera UV detection, meteorological ultraviolet radiation, circuit fault monitoring, welding arc and UV sterilization lamp.
Product features:All solid state, small volume, low energy consumption, no amplifier circuit, strong radiation resistance, high stability, high temperature resistance and intrinsic visible / day blind.
Technical parameter:Dark current is 0.1pA@5V. Sensitivity is above 50A/W@250nm. Detection range is (R=0.1Rp)230-280nm.