EL wire colors & specification

There are 10 kinds of ELwire colors and 10 kinds of specifications. EL wire is mainly divided into two categories: soft wire (S series) and hard wire (H series).

 ITEM NO.Diameter mmWeight g/mContinuous length mremark
1S0.10.8(copper 0.1)0.7500MOQ 10KM
2S0.20.8(copper0.2)1.48000MOQ 5K
3S0.30.8 (copper0.3)1.48000MOQ 5K
4S1.41.4(copper0.7)52000MOQ 5K
5S1.21.2(copper0.5)3.55000MOQ 1K
6S2.02.06.520010colors(regular in stock )
9S5.05.026507colors(regular in stock )
10S6.06.0 50MOQ 1KM
11S8.08.062.510MOQ 1KM
12S1212.0120.410MOQ 1KM
13S1414.0142.610MOQ 1KM
14SX3-6One color 3 cores water flowing(cheasing)diameter 6mm38.810MOQ 500M
15SX3-1.2One color 3 cores water flowing(cheasing)diameter 1.2mm3.55MOQ 1KM
16SD-2.0Welt DIA2.0-welt size 5mm9100 
17SD-4.0Welt DKA4.0-welt size7mm271100MOQ 500M
19SX3Three colors 3 cores 6.0mm38.810MOQ 500M
20SX2One color 2 cores 5.0mm35.810MOQ 500M
21SF3-103 cores in parallel 10X362.410MOQ 1000M
22SZ2.5Angled line4810MOQ 1000M
23SD2-2.32 welts DIA 2.3mm,welt size 11mm14.210 
24SH-3.2With base Dia3.2mm17100MOQ 500M
25SH-5.0With base Dia5.0mm32.310MOQ 500M
26SWD4.0Performance costume 4.0 18100MOQ 500M
27USB-3Xthree cores,DIA 1.1 1.852000MOQ 5KM
28USB-6XSix cores,DIA 1.2 1.652000MOQ 10KM
29USB-9XNine cores,DIA 1.2 1.602000MOQ 10KM
30USBUSB cable22100MOQ 1KM
31REarphone cable(order as customerized)   
32H2.0 Stiff el wire for construction DIA 2.41510MOQ 1KM
33H4.0 Stiff el wire for construction DIA 4.74510MOQ 1KM
34HP3.0 Disposable folding hard line 3.0153MOQ 3KM
35XF200Fire control 5.00200MOQ 5KM
36XF50Fire fighting 5.0050MOQ 5KM
37XFL505.0Fire fighting50KG27200MOQ 5KM
38XFL120 5.0Fire fighting120KG29200MOQ 5KM