DIY EL wire


The product is the full set of continuous colorful electroluminescent wire (EL wire), no heat radiation, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe. To be made into any solid shape or flat design by hand without using any fixity, glue or fixed surface, the finished shape will not recover with flexibility, and can be bent repeatedly.
Application Fields: DIY light toy; Christmas lighting decoration; Intelligence lighting toy; Arts and crafts decoration; Outdoor safety sign; Flash words and pictures; Vehicle decoration;

1. No batteries in package. 2. Color: red yellow blue green orange white and transparent. Each type has 7 colors. 3. As per Article No. 2.0, its actual diameter is 2.4mm; and Article No. 4.0, its actual diameter is 4.7mm. 4. We can manufacture as request.5.Box size 32X46X55 CM .Small container in 335 Box