Electroluminescent safety helmet


Significance: Safety helmet flashes in large area at night and visible distance is above 100 meters.
Range of Application: Sports safety helmet, motorcycle helmet, bicycle helmet, etc.
Using Method: Open the package and paste EL tape on the surface of the clean helmet directly.The electrode lead wires are fixed, pasted and positioned firmly by power box.The power box is fixed with elastic bands. Filling AA Batteries (Self-purchased).Press the power switch, the working state has flash,steady on and off.

Technical Data:The width of EL tape is 1mm.Lighting color has red, blue, green, yellow, etc. The long tape of pattern is 37cm,short tape is 33cm and power lead wire is 7cm.The battery of DC3V inverter is AA batteries,using time is 5 hours.
Set: 4pcs EL tape with glue, 1 power box and 1 fixed sticker.
Note: Shape, area, pattern, color and electric reflection of light function can be customized.

Price (Price is related to quantity purchased )

Article NO.  Specification/3V(AA)Picture
TK21 4=2 long+2 short,long 37 cm ,short 33cm
TK21L2 long ,long 37 cm
TK21Sshort 2,short 33cm
TK314=long 2+short 2,long 37 cm ,short 33cm
TK31Llong 2,long 37 cm
TK31Sshort 2,short 33cm