FAQ of EL panel


50.Size of EL panel?
EL panel size is up to Silk screen printing machines, usually 80x80cm the maxium size is 100x100cm (1 square meters), But el panel can be connected to make maxium 10 square meters.
5l . EL panel lighting color
EL Phosphor lighting color is mainly Green, and Blue-green; by adding dyes, pigment etc. , can make white lighting color; All other colors is achieved by printing color on the surface of el panel.
When ELlight film is used to make advertisement pattern, there will be color difference between the luminescent color and the non-luminescent pattern. Poor stability of red color,and White luminescence is the same, which is unavoidable in technology. The photo color of the luminous sample, or the human visual description of the color will have greater errors, so the color coordinate of the color is important.
52. Can EL panel be applied outdoor?
Not suggest to be used in door, especiall long time application, because the lighting color will vary and life time will be shorten.
53. The reason of EL panel brightness decreasing?
Mainly because the wet (water molecule) will make el raw material aged.
54. The feature of el panel/wire aging?
Surface become grey or dark when not working; Black dot appear when lighting.
55. Is EL panel /wire aged when not working/lighting?
Not aged for both el panel and el wire etc.
56.EL International Inspectoin Standards?
International and demestic EL inspection Standard:AC115V,400HZ。
57. Is EL panel/wire not light suddenly ?
When el panel/wire aging, its brightness will decrease gradually, not light suddencly.
58.EL Lifetime
It has half lifetime and full lifetime
59. Half lifetime?
Halftime refer to the time when the beginning brigness decrease to brightness;Halftime:3000hrs. Full lifetime :8000 hrs.
60.Electroluminescent products twinkle ?
To fuction by silicon chip inside the inverter, the time and multi pieces is also decided by electric silicon chip.
61.Electroluminescent Inverter Power?
Big size is driven by DC12Vplus a adaptor。Costume can use DC3V,4.5Vetc.
62. Can the el panel be cut?
Can be cut within special design, but not be cut at will.
63. EL lighting thickness?
Plus the protection film, Thickness is less than 0.1-0.5mm.
64. Can el panel be used with AC220V/110V
Special made el panel can be used under AC220V/110V condition
65. How many colors of el phoshpor to make el panel?
EL phoshor color: Red(Poison)、Orange(low brightness)、Blue(Short time)、Green, among all colors, Blue and Green color is mostly applied.
66.El panel power?
The power is different with different manufacturers, The minimum is 60W/m2,
67. electroluminescent Brightness?
Standard testing condition:115V,00Hz,Brightness: 70-90 Cd/m2
68.The brighter of el panel, the better it is ?
If brightness is over 100CD/m2, the lifetime will be decreased more
69.Why is long time spent in manufacturing EL panel sample?
Mostly use silk screen printing technology, time is required in plate making
70.Why is the EL Panel sample expensive?
Lots of raw material will be wasted while making the plate by silk screen printng, cost will be lowed only by mass production.
71.what’s the difference between “Luminescent”-“phosphores”-“irradiance”?
light cause light\ Electroluminescent (EL) light\chemical light\X radial light etc.
72. what is tricolor illumince powder?
Red ,Blue, Green three color light material simple called tricolor powder. it can be use as irradiance material ,display irradiance material, it main purpose is mix to realize white color light.
73. Does EL have UV irradiance?How many kinds of UV material ?
Many radiation material only can irradiance under UV light. it is light cause light ,concretely is : organic/mineral, long wave/short wave etc.
74. how many type of EL panel?
There are four kinds: EL plastic panel, EL porcelain enamel ,EL glass screen, EL grow cloth.
75. Does EL cool light can change picture like TV?
In theory it can realize matrix display, achieve letter pattern show, through electro circuit to control ,realize pattern display. Now in world only KPT Lighting is producing.
76. EL white light can as white as white paper?
EL white color is achieve by use of coloring matter, it will effect color in temperature、thinner different proportion condition.
77.EL panel can be bend?
It can. but only in round angle.
78.EL panel can connect by yourself?
79.EL can be repair if bad?
80.How to calculate the price of EL panel?
EL panel is sold by Sq.cm, Driver is separate.
81.If EL panel can change brightness ?
82. How many kinds of EL panel driver?
EL driver usually divided into common kinds and special use kinds., common kinds is fit for test and experience use .
83.Relative Index of EL panel driver and EL panel?
Driver area and flash state,different design should use different driver.
84.Invisible distance of EL panel
0.1Sq.m can see 200m over at night.
85.How many shape of EL driver ?
Main have 3 kinds:1)transformer type driver(common ,can large area,mainusein advertisement);2)CMOS chip type driver(small area,main use in electron accessories);3)No driver(not common use,low brightness,main use in single luminance.)
86. the technical date you should provide before produce when you order the EL panel?
Size、pattern、flash time、driver cable length.
87.EL Panel and EL Wire will heat when work?
Normal it do not heat ,only when driver connect wrong with EL panel. When connect long time ,it will damaged it’s parts of an apparatus ,even lead to burnning
88.Does ELPanel have noise when work?
All EL Panel have noise when work ,but expect use CMOS Chip type Driver.。
89.Why does EL advertisement panel can change color step by step?
EL back light mainly is white color, and white color is mixed by fluorescence dye ,it will fade step by step later or under UV light.
90.How many kinds of Electroluminescent?
Organic irradiancy apparatus(big /small molecule),inorganic fine film apparatus ,abio-thick film apparatus,abio powder apparatus(this products).
91.The Voltage type of EL arraratus?
High Voltage(this products),low Voltage(LED、OEL or OLED).
92.What the determinant of Plastic EL panel’s pliability?
Pliability decided the thickness of PET film,when it is less than0.1mm ,it will become very soft.
93. can be use in dress?
Can ,but EL panel can not be wash.
94.What the brightness color of EL panel?
Blue green or green.
95.If the EL apparatus can change color?
It implement control through technics ,by cover the out surface ,It can achieve change color from vision.
96.What the theory of EL panel’a of exquisite glide animation flash effect?
Through exquisite line printing and electro circuit one by one controller to realize .
97.Does EL panel can use button battery?
Only small area Panel can use .
98.How to improve the brightness of EL panel?
Just improve the voltage, increase frequency can improve the brightness, but has limited, brightness can be in 150CD/Sq,m over.
99.Does EL panel has international patent limited?
The Panel has no international patent limited,but long life EL material have ,and China KPT company has it’s own patent .
100.How long does KPT Company do the business with EL?
KPT company is from CIOMP (Chinese Academy of Sciencer) Changchun physics office Electroluminescent lab ,research from 1960,have apparatus 、material、driver、ITO etc preparation technology.