Electroluminescent spray


Luminous principle: spray various necessary materials on the surface of the substrate according to the structure of the electroluminescent device, and emit light through a specific driver

1. Application field:
Illuminated advertisements, illuminated buildings, safety instructions, illuminated models, illuminated clothing, car body advertisements.

2. Applicable basic surface:
Plastic, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, paperboard, woven fabric, film, wall, stone, etc.
Conditions of use: AC110-220V, DC12-24V, DC9V, DC4.5V, DC3V, etc.

Three, product supply methods:
1) KPT company makes samples according to customer requirements.

2) The KPT company sells basic raw materials and supporting processes, which are designed and made by users themselves.

4. Main materials
The main material is an aqueous system, hot air drying is recommended. Cold air drying takes an extended time. It is important to dry completely after each spray. Thinner is provided free of charge.

KPT-EL21substrate conductive paint1
KPT-EL35Insulating paint0.2
KPT-EL45luminescent paint0.2
KPT-EL5conductive paint100 ml
KPT-EL61protective paint1.0