Scintillator phosphor


Name: Scintillator Powder Luminescent Materials
Application Goal:Detecting x, γ rays, neutrons, protons and other high-energy
particles excited by tritium radiation.
Application Area:Medical imaging, industrial detection, safety ray detection, cosmic
ray detection, detection instrument.
Nuclear physics experiment, oil well detection, microscopic
structure imaging, security inspection instrument.
Using Method:X ray imaging, CT scan, γ ray detection imaging, CMOS/CCD
Product Form:Detecting film, detecting chip,detecting plate, luminous powder
material, hot luminescence, probe, probe line.
They are inorganic powder materials.They can be used independently or support scintillator single crystal materials.Manufacture finished products by printing, spraying, pressing and moulding.They have simple process, low cost, stable and are not liable to deliquesce .
Our company made a new generation of X340 high sensitive detection material.It is environmental protection,safety and can be used to support the organic scintillator.Make the 0.03 mm thickness film placed on the front of the organic scintillator bar.It can improve the sensitivity more than 20%.It can also be used independently in the photoelectric multiplier tube.
KPT can provide processing of imaging plates and customize different shapes, thickness and functional products.
KPT also provides high-energy ion absorbing materials and protective boards for neutron and X-ray absorption barriers.