FAQ of Electroluminescent


1/ What are the differences of 25 series of el wire products?

A)   Line body motif classifications act for cord (Need to depend on card, groove, glue, bracket shapes), hardwire (Oneself independent bended molding, analogous wire), consumer can use directly.

B)Product acts for finished goods classification (Consumer uses directly), half-finished product (According to use request oneself match)

C)25 serieses product just about point general already know market’s classification, include accessory and driver.

D)EL wire must work by alternating current(AC),Ordinary glowing wire must be matched with the specific driver(DC3V ,DC12V etc) for direct current use.

E)The three types of EL wire:

      Long life type:  Life more than 3000 hours,  Brightness: 80cd/ m2,  Power: 0.25W/ m

Ordinary type:  Life 100—1000 hours,  Brightness: 140cd/ m2,  Power: 0.4W/ m

Low price type:  Life about 24 hours,  Brightness: 60cd/ m2,  Power: 0.4W/ m

F)Price of glowing wire: $0.15/m—$1.5/m  

  Price depends on the factors including lifetime,environment-friendly materials,voltage security,luminance and failure rate etc..Among them, only the luminous brightness can be evaluated by the users.Other factors are determined by the manufacturer’s raw materials and technology.

  For example:(1)import materials and made-in-china materials;(2)environment-friendly materials and ordinary materials;(3)resistance to voltage breakdown;(4)whether there is a black mark at a 180 degree bend;(5)failure rate;(6)whether have China or European security quality certification;(7)continuous length of wire;(8)multi core structure or function( anti-tension,voltage stability,shapes etc);(9)after-sale service.

2/ What to do if wire doesn’t light up( Supposing failure rate is 100%)?

A)     To cut off the power promptly ,otherwise , inverter will be burned out; Check if power, driver and EL Wire connected correctly.

B)     Check the end of EL Wire.

C)     Cut 1 cm of wire off from the end to prevent the electrodes from connecting.

D)     If wire suddenly doesn’t light up after several hours or days, check through above ways.

3/ Can the wires be used outdoors?  Will the color fade?

A)     Yes, they can.

B)     The red and orange color may fade after one years.

4/ Does the material of Electro luminescent Wire pollute the environment?

A)     No, it doesn’t.Main ingredients: copper wire, plastic PVC,PU,PE,TPU————-

5/ Result of improper handling of wire such as pulling or bending too hard

A)     Disconnection of light, black spots, risk of short,burn out the driver.

B)     Removable black spots in the glowing wireWhen applied force,the light is non-continuous flashing.

C)     Breakdown or short in the connection between the glowing wire and electric wire.

D)     The thicker the glowing wire is, the better anti-tension it has.The anti-tension glowing wire must be specially made.

6/EL wire working condition

AC 90V-150V  1000-4000HZ, the better condition is 130V and 1000Hz.

7/ Price of driver

A) Driver working condition: DC1.5V,3V,6V,9V,12V,18V,24V,AC110V,220V,etc

B) Single driver can drive the length less than 1m、1-3m、3-5m,4-10m,5-30m,20-50m、30-100m,50-200m、over 200m etc.

C) The price of the driver: $0.5/pcs–$83/pcs

It depends on the factors: power(drive length) if protect environment, sdeadiness of electric devices,if controlled by multipath, general or custom, order quantities, special requirement( waterproof, radiating, etc.) 

8/ What to do if driver does not work?

A)     Check if power, driver and EL Wire are properly connected. (get through the power promptly,  to cut off the power promptly if the el wire doesn’t light or work)

B)     Check if the driver make a buzzing noise.Generally it makes tiny buzzing noise.

C)     If the driver stops working after a use, let it rest for 3-5 minutes before using again.

D)     The driver becomes hot if not properly connected with the wire. Unplug the driver.

9/ Why is there buzzing noise from drivers?

A)The brightness is based on frequency. So there is a buzzing noise when in high frequency.

B)There is no noise if you use integrated circuit chip or frequency is over 10K that man’s ears can’t hear.

10/ Relations between the Capacity of Driver and EL Wire.

A)     The capacity of drivers should be compatible with the length of EL Wire. Or it could  cause damage to wire and driver.

B)     when larger capacity driver is used for shorter wire, the wire would be brighter but wire’s life time would be shortened.

C)     when larger capacity driver is used for shorter wire, the switch will be no use.

11/ Warning

A)     Be careful! Do not turn on driver if it is not connected to EL Wire. Inverter can not get though power while without using together with el wire, otherwise inverter will be damaged.

B)     Do not bend the connected part of wire

12/ Is it true that the thicker the wire, the brighter?

A)     It appears to be true due to the volume of the wire. In fact the brightness is weakened because of the thicker plastic coating.

B) The diameter of copper core only has 0.5mm、0.3mm、0.7mm,0.5mm is the general standard.