Float Lighting Rope


Float Flexible Light Rope looks like Nylon rope , its surface layer is White PT rope, twist Colorful thermos table PVC tube, and there is KPT patent product inside: flexible neon wire. It emits continuous light and no radiative heat, its consumption of electricity energy is 50-70% of LED, 20-40% of bunch lamp. Use field: traffic security sign and indication, Night Rescue equipment ,exit passage and stairway exit lead, temporary outdoor warning sign, shop centre/subway/coal mine and other places succor, concert lead line. 

Easy to use, save energy, can light for 4-5 hours with battery once. It has a handle, can be under AC220V/110V or DC12V in car.
Light is peaceful and colorful, visibility distance is about 50-100m.
CE and RoHs, good for environment and health.
Operate easily, our lead wire is soft and flexible, can bend, cut and connect freely.
Technology index:
Diameter: 12mm. Color: Yellow,-green Light intensity: 1-20 cd/m2 Work current: 0.3A/m Voltage of lighting inner cord: 120V, 1500Hz Isolation voltage: 4000V and up.Capacitance: 4nF/m with on/off switch. Average lifetime: 1000 hours Environmental temperature: -20C to 60C Input condition: DC12V,3400mA, rechargeable storage battery, 5 hours for recharge, 4-5 hours for work. Recharge time: 500 times. lead acid storage battery. The burning point of surface PVC tube: 7000C The visible distance of lighting: 30-100m The visible time of The afterglow lighting: 2-5 hours
Luminescent density: 0.001Cd/m2 Execution standard :TFUJ 001-2008