IR laser pen


As one of the most advanced Anti-Counterfeit test tools available in the world now, Infrared Laser Test Pen is used for testing securities, brand, currency, certificates etc. on the specific area of their surface.  Quite different from UV fluorescence authentication, this proves to be  much more accurate and steady , are mainly applied by banks(Usa Dollar ,Englang Ten pouds), Security Inspection Bureau and Quality Inspection Bureau etc. to identify the suspected goods promptly on the spot. KPT IR Laser Pen But have already supplied infrared ray lighting night, can help night observe photograph video recording lighting, can not cover people eyes discover, can be used for lighting military, police. It appears to be small and portable, has steady property, been applied widely and safely. Various kinds of specification are made accordingly. Warning: Eyes would be hurt by seeing the light emitting hole directly; Children are prohibited from using this product.
NO Material Battery Focus Length CM CMOS chip mW Characteristic Spec.CM/ W.G
KPT-1 AL AG13X3 2-3 <30 UV 380 LED 7.8 XФ1.2/10g
KPT-3 Copper AAAX2 2-3 <50 Color Bule 14.5XФ1.3/35g
KPT-4 Copper AAAX2 2-3 <100 Color Bule 14.5XФ1.3/35g