Up-conversion phosphor


Up-conversion Anti-counterfeit Phosphor is a luminescent material that converts different invisible infrared light into visible light. Making full use of technology advantage of Chinese Academy of Sciences, KPT is the first company in China that develop this product, the quality has achieved the leading level of the world. it has characteristic of sensitive response, rich glowing colors, long lifetime, easy test and the most important– high safety and concealed ability, by using it, IR (infrared ray) beam can be efficiently detected, tracked, identified and proofread etc. Up-conversion phosphor is suitable for various kinds of printing application, and will not have any worse effect while mixing with any types of inks. It’s can be added in plastic, paper, cloth, ceramic, glass and solution etc. Laser pen or home appliance controller are selected to test this phosphor material. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:
Composition Rare Earth Inorganic Crystal (no toxicant)
Average Particle Size 40-100nm, 100-500nm, 0.5-2μm,  2-10μm, 10-20μm, 20-50μm
Abradability & Humidity resistance Good
Temperature Resistance Property remains unchanged with temperature from  under zero 50 centigrade degree (long time) to 1000 centigrade degree (1hr)
Ultraviolet Rays Resistance Excellent
Acid and Alkali Resistance Excellent
Stability Long term stability, do not react with organic solvent
Ink Combinability No change caused by mixing with various kinds of inks
Lifetime Over 50 years
Appearance Color White or Pale White-pink Color
Specific Gravity 3.7
Excitation Frequencies 804nm / 980nm / 1500nm
Emission Color and Frequencies Red color 610-630nm; Blue color 430-470nm; Green color: 530-560nm
Other Colors Totally been shielded (adjustable) or color changeable
Excitation Light Source Laser Emitter (1mW) / IR LED (10mW)