Neon Wire For Tile Decoration


el wire for floor (2)

Usage: Use flexible neon wire to decorate the gap of ceramic tile. At night, the ceramic tile will produce edge light. It is used for decoration, safety guidance and weak light indication lighting of sports venues, shopping malls, families, corridor channels, squares, roads, etc.
Application: Implant the KPT electroluminescent wire into pasted ceramic floor tiles, glass curtain walls, etc.Then add the beauty seam on the surface.
Method: Measure the gap distance between tiles (usually 2 mm) → clean the gap → implant KPT EL wire the gap → cover with seaming agent → KPT EL wire light when connect to power.
Technical indicators:
Power supply: AC 220V / 110V, DC12V (battery, solar energy)
Diameter: 1.2mm (recommend), 1.5mm, 2mm.
Color: T (recommend), red, blue, green and other 13 colors.
Continuous length: 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m
Dry storage time of EL wire: 10 years.
Temperature resistance: – 40 ° C to 70 ° C

Note:The start and end of the EL wire should be put near the power socket (except using DC12 battery).EL wire should be set below the ceramic tile surface evenly, so as to reserve space for the filling of the seaming agent. The seaming agent should be of a variety with better light transmittance effect (small brightness loss). For specific use and construction, please consult KPT’s sales department.