UPT Biology Diagnostic


(1) Nanometer UPT Biology Fast Diagnostic Kit
Up-Converting Phosphor Technology (UPT) is based on lanthanide-containing, submicrometer-sized, ceramic particles that can absorb infrared light and emit visible light. Biological matrices do not upconvert; hence, there is no contribution to test background from sample autofluorescence.


(2) UPT Biology Diagnostic Technology

UPT Biology Diagnostic Technology is the newly developed Biology-Marked Technology coming from Test of Nanotech Up-Conversion Phosphor. The Phosphor material is lanthanon Crystal-formed Nanometer particles, emitting light when excited by Infrared Laser Beam with its special lighting structure.
There’re obvious advantages such as no base disturbance, no inefficacy, high sensitive Qualitative analysis and Quantitative analysis when applying this particularity in marked biology analysis. It differs from traditional marked items in nature.
This technology can be widely applied in many fields including Prompt Immunity analysis, Mini Lattice, High efficiency medicine filtration, Genome study, Surgical Imaging, Environment Inspection, Food environment inspection and Biochemistry war recovery etc. Specially as that of Medical diagnose, Bacteria detecting, Environment inspection, Food safety Qualitative, Vet diagnose, Poison Inspection, Medicine filtration, Process inspection of Biochemistry reflection, and Scientific Research etc.

Product :
Automatic Inspection Analysis Machine ,
Size: 22X26X21 CM,
Weight: 2 kgs

(3)UPT Biology Association Develop

KPT Up-converting phosphors do not photobleach and are inert to common assay interferants such as hemoglobin. A reader called UPlink has been developed to interrogate lateral flow test strips that utilize UPT labels. In a competitive inhibition assay format, a multiplexed test simultaneously detected amphetamine, methamphetamine, phencyclidine,
and opiates in saliva. For all assays, the percent displacement at 10 ng/mL was > or =80% demonstrating performance comparable
with labbased, commercially available EIAs All assays were complete in 10 min. The development of rapid tests using UPT creates
new applications for on-site testing with sensitivity not available using other label techn .
KPT company looks for association develop.