Luminous umbrella


Application Fields: sand beach, groggery, Street corner sales promotion Advertisement, Beach,Garden, field tour, etc. The luminous ray product illumination is gentle, suits the humanity at night visual observation, the apparent distance is 100 meters.
Use Flexible neon wire (electroluminescent wire,EL wire) , can be conveniency use or open and collect like common umbrella; it give rich and colorful color ;can flash dynamic; it also may make the character pattern(Order-make) light; It is environment protect、safety ,originality and can be use at will .
How To Use:
For field luminescence ,use DC12V (8kts 1.5V AA batteries),can continue light for 4 hours. Simultaneity also can use AC 220V electrical power transformer ,can be use for a long time.
Technology Guide Line:
This Umbrella Diameter is 2.4M, It can give light even in burning sun and Rain day, The average life of umbrella is 5years ,and the EL wire ,it continue working life is 1000 hours(about 200 days) .Compare with common umbrella ,The added weight of EL umbrella only is 100 g .EL wire Diameter is 2.0MM .Color: Red, Blue, Green, yellow, Orange,Transparent,For special requirement ,you can place a order in advance.
This product honestly Looking for cooperation with the outdoors umbrella factory or advertisement company or proxy.